I’m just listening to the new album, The Empire Strikes First. It’s bloody awesome. When it hits the stores on June 8th, you should be the first in line to buy this tremendous album. The title track rocks, and so does every single other song on there. This just re-enforces Brianne’s belief that this is going to be the most incredible summer for rock in years. Ahh, the rock jonze has been completely subdued. But I’m going to keep at it all day long.

     Since I’m listening to my headphones, I built my little camera deally into a java window so that I can see over my shoulder if someone is going to come in here to try to bother me. For me, I find some days that listening to loud rock music keeps me working faster than speed itself. It’s not every day, but when I get that feelin’, I need rock ‘n roll healing and then the day rolls by with highly productive productivity.

Author: Ian

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