Fat cat likes del monte peaches     This is Sneakers eating Brianne’s peaches. She’s trying to gain some weight so that she can fight in the heavy-weight title match. It’s her an Goober if Sneakers can pack on enough pounds to get there. She’s also been trying to eat feathers but they don’t weight very much and don’t add to her total body mass.

     Laundry night tonight. Keepin’ us up. We went over to Michele’s place this evening to see her new fish tank. She’s got three something plattys in there now. Very nice, but it looks as though her plants need more wattage. Due to I know an awful lot more than I should about fish and such. One day I’d like to have the money to set up a marine tank. I’d need about $1000 in my pocket before I go to it. Ideally I’d like to get a 55 – 100 gallon reef tank going with proper lighting, corals, live rock and sand and lots of pretty fishies. Again, main problem is funds. Fortunately for me, this Friday’s Super 7 Jackpot is an estimated $21,000,000.00

     Did you hear about that guy in the news last week that won $37 million nearly a year ago and didn’t claim it until this year? He told everyone that he was getting his affairs in order, and had been seeking financial counciling. It made sense, in fact this guy was praised for it. Well, it was released a couple of days later that he had two ex-wives and a lot of missed payments on the go, and so he took his money and he fled the country before his wifes got wind of his win. I guess that would take some strategic financial planning.

Author: Ian

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