This is my lunch     Brianne went with Kathy and Jayne to the Everything To Do About Pets. I believe it’s a series of seminars about how to control your pet habits. If you ask me, and you probably do, they all need counciling for their pet addiction and it’s about time.

Toronto from Dixie and Bloor     I went to one of Tom’s sites and took some pictures from the roof, some pretty slick shots came out of it, they’re a little hazy though, but it’s the best we’ve seen so far. I’m working on his company’s site and they want a nice shot of a city (any city acutally) at the top of their page. This one’s cool, not sure I’ll be able to use it though. I did find online, and it’s pretty cool. You can actually move it around. It’s a nice day for it too. I want one of those for my office. Then you could zoom up my nose.

     I went to Dixie park and got some awesome Chinese food for lunch and then came to the office to do a backup while no one’s around. It looks as though my backup is going to take (much!) longer than I thought, so I’m just going to leave it running and go home to play with the puppy. Today’s a good day for fetch and the lawn is getting progressively less soggy, so there’s less and less cleaning when we’re all done.

Author: Ian

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