Last night we had our innaurual bond fire. We set her up and knocked her down. We don’t seem to have any fire wood left. The wind kinda kicked up at about the same time as the fire would have only been sufficient if it were 10 degrees celcium or hotter out. Unfortunately it wasn’t close to ten, so we were freezing and decided to come inside. Greg, Shahina and Stu were here. Greg gave Stu his phone so that when Stu went to the store, he could call back here. Unfortunately Greg forgot to get it back from Stu. It seems as though that’s always the way with those kinds of things.

     Today is Brianne’s cooking d├ębut for her entire family. Both her Mom and her Dad’s sides of the family are coming over to her parents’ place for dinner and it will be fantastic. We’re just getting ready to head over there now. Brianne has a full day of cooking and baking ahead. I have a long day of walking the dog to tire her out. I took Cricket out around Brianne’s old neighbourhood yesterday. It was really nice to not have to come home with a horribly dirty pawed dog.

Author: Ian

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