Some jerkass biotch just called me from one of those homosexual traffic generating service sites and was going on about their stupid services trying to convince me with the most horrible sales pitch that I’ve ever heard that, needs to use their services to get higher placement in search engines. On their site; which I won’t divulge because they do not deserve free advertising, they have a list of their clients and you can click through to see their placements for the search terms that they’re paying for. So I’m clicking through all this stuff and I find that their clients aren’t even number 1 in Google. Such a crock.

  1. Why would I pay you for something that I can do for free. We’re amply represented in Google, and we’re not aiming to get new people walking off the net for most of what we’re selling. Thousands of people come to our many sites every day.

  2. She’s going on and on about how we’re on page four of Google for some search term. I asked her twice what search term she used and she refused to tell me. If I searched for it wouldn’t surprise me that we were on page four. Way to take things so out of context that it’s completely useless selling point.

  3. She must deal mostly with people who don’t comprehend how Google and the other search engines work. If you want to get in there and you want to be top of the list, you just need a bunch of domain names with your search terms linking to your sites, near the tops of the pages. It’s really quite simple. It would cost you a few thousand dollars for enough domains to get your key terms at the tops of the sites and a the time to get them all cross-linked, but it would work.

  4. If I ask how much you want to charge, tell me. If you want my business, I need to know how much you’re going to charge me for your wonderful service.

  5. If my boss passes me one more of these loonies on the phone I’m going to have to duct tape him to his chair and put a Sonny & Cher record on endless loop.

Author: Ian

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