Portch Light
Nest in Portch Light
     That’s right! There’s finally a new ! I’ve been jonzing since the . It’s acutally awesomer than I could have ever once expected. When Homestar’s propeller spins on his beanie, it plays the theme from Night Court. That’s so frickin’ awesome. The coolness of it reminds me of my cool shirt… Ian's cool goomba shirt and that’s pretty cool. Remember Night Court? Brianne’s friend Kathy, her brother sounds like the guy who played the judge, . And then there was , and that guy who played a scummy guy… ! () Ahh, what a classic.

     I wondered why the portch kept having birds flying away from it. I guess there’s my answer. Aparently they’re building a nest in the light thing. That light doesn’t work. My guess has always been that it’s because it’s right in front of my neighbour’s bedroom window. Now the question is, do we let them stay or do we ship ’em out. I could get some pretty cool baby bird pictures if they stay… but I could also get dive bombed and subjected to stank if they stay. The indecision of it all.

     It’s getting really green on the lawn. Spring is finally here. I don’t think I’ve ever been this impatient about it getting here.

      and sites got back online on one of my servers the other day. This way they’ll be up… as long as the power is up and . Actually, this spring, I’m hoping to get the natural gas generator hooked up to my server room. Then my battery back-up will only have to last for a few seconds while the generator starts puttin’.

     On Friday night we went out to see Kill Bill Vol. 2! Now that is a tremendous movie. You can really see how the two would have been re-arranged to be one evenly flowing movie. I’m looking forward to it coming out on DVD. They’re saying that it’s going to be a full-length film when you get the DVD. Tarantino’s talk over will be great. I was actually kinda surprised that he wasn’t in the movie.

     Saturday night we went to Yuk Yuk’s Mississauga with Tom. One of the guys that works for Brianne’s company, in their Montreal office, was doing his stand-up thing. is one funny fella. Also performing were, some guy that sucked, then some guy who’s name I can’t remember or find. He was really funny. He was from Edmonton. Then finished up the night. He’s a friend of Phil’s and the two of them did a little dualling comics to finish up the night. It was a really good show. Phil was the MC so we got to see a whole lot of his antics. [From David Acer: | ]

     Tonight there’s going to be a plethera of activity! I’ve got a little bit of work to do, game 7 of is on, also is on, for those of you who are hopelessly addicted to it.

     Remind me not to wait so long before posting news. It makes the news really damn long.

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