The Ontario provincial government hasn’t been a very good pick for the province. McGuinty’s Liberals have started the ball rolling on a on all basic meals under $4.00. Students in schools, patients in hospitals, and everyone through Tim’s door will have to pay an extra 8%. Pretty crappy.

     They’re looking at another big cash grab; selling the LCBO. Who in their right mind would even consider privatizing the LCBO. All that would do is make McDonald’s owners pick up a new franchise and gouge us more on booze, which we’re already being gouged on. Have you ever been to the duty free shop? There you can get the booze you use for nearly 50% off what you pay at the LCBO. Why do people shop at the LCBO? Because every town has at least one and driving to the border is a pain in the ass.

     There has also been talk of brining back photo radar. Photo radar was the stupidest thing the NDP ever did. (Now that I think about it, I should have punched Bob Rae in the gut for that when I had the chance.) You don’t get any demerits, it doesn’t cost you anything on your driving record, you just have to pay a hefty fine. That’s why it’s just a stupid cash grab that’s going to cost everyone an obsceene amounts of money and annoying crap ensues.

Author: Ian

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