Cornered Firkin     What is it with dogs eating crap? Kathy’s dog Calypso is here because Kathy and Brianne are out at the barn. Usually she stays home but the cleaning ladies are in the house so she couldn’t stay there. When she first came in she whined, then she growled at Cricket and since Cricket is annoying I had to put her to bed so that she wouldn’t get eaten by this measly little dog.

     Then the dog starts barking at the cat. Click on the picture to the left to watch the video. This little dog barking at a slightly littler cat. The whole situation is rather ridiculous really.

     Once that fight breaks up, I come back to the computer to get some more work done, but no sooner do I do that, then she heads into the bathroom and starts some fine dining out of the litter box.

     First you bark at the cat and then it runs away, so to console yourself you need to eat it’s leavings? Whoever said dogs were smart, didn’t have a clue.

     Busy day ahead, going to the gym, then going to the driving range, then it’s back home for nice bar-b-qued steaks and a camp fire. Spring has sprung and we’re calling it summer.

Author: Ian

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