The London Girl Becomes the Irish Girl Again

     We just got back from seeing Ailise off at the airport. She’s finished school at the University of Western Ontario and is now returning to her parents’ home in Ireland. She’ll be attending school there, barring any complications and living there for at least a year. Emotions are running high on both ends of the pond as Tom and Ailise have reunited to become a couple again. It’s as it should be, although difficult for both. Depending on how things proceed, he will go there or she’ll come back here in about a year. It’s hard not to get teary when someone leaves us for an undermined amount of time. We’re already starting on plans to visit next summer, but that’s a really long time to go without seeing a friend. Fortunately, modern communications make things a little easier. Long distance, email, messengers and all of that stuff make it easier to keep in touch. I can only imagine what life must have been like when all you could do was send a letter.

Author: Ian

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