Screaming Hampster     Last night we went to SuperPet in Oakville and they had this little hampster free to a good home. Usually you think, oh the thing bites, well this little thing didn’t. Have you ever seen the episode of the Simpsons with the screamapillar? This was kind of like that. I guess you could name him screamahampster. Doesn’t have the same ring to it. The girl who worked there was pulling him out to get him used to being handled I guess and all of the sudden he lets out these shrieks. It was pretty hilarious.

Tired Cricket     Earlier in the evening I took advantage of the break in drizzle to chip around the lawn. I’m getty much better with my 9 iron and am consistenly chipping instead of just flubbing it. It’s good for me and Cricket is practicing her retrieving skills. I hit, she goes and gets it. After about an hour though she’s pretty pooped. Unfortunately for me it doesn’t give me the ability to walk around the lawn very much because she’s doing all the work, so I don’t get tired at all.

Wall Map of Southern Ontario     Came to work today and I don’t really feel in the mood to get anything done. I think it’s the weather. If it’s nice out, you don’t want to be working, you want to be outside. If it’s ugly out, you don’t want to be working because it’s just ugly. Some sort of catch 22. Last night we went to Chapters after the pet store and I found a couple more maps for my wall. It’s almost complete. I don’t think they go any farther north for Ontario though in this scale. It’s 1:250,000 so it’s pretty cool to look at, lots of detail. I’m thinking I might get some Quebec ones and put those on there, but that’s about all I can do if they don’t go farther north. I did happen to find some “easter eggs” on the maps. Because I’m buying normal maps and connecting them together, I get to see inconsitencies between them. Map artists do this so that when someone else copies what they’ve done, they can prove that it was their work, because that street or that river doesn’t really exist, except for on their map. Pretty crafty of them if you ask me.

     On a side note, I wondered about the term catch-22, apparently, it’s only source is the novel by Joseph Heller. I figured it would be an old bible term. For those who haven’t read the book, or watched the movie, the catch-22 in that story is that you have to be crazy to fly [a plane in the war], and you have to be crazy to get out of flying, so really you can’t get out of it. I’m not sure why it’s catch-22, I must have missed that, maybe it was rule number 22 in a book or something.

     Anyone else noticed the sickening gas prices?! What the hell is that all about. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it above 80 cents per litre in the GTA. Yesterday it shot straight up to 84.9 cents from 72.9 the day before. By the end of the day it came down to about 82.9 but that’s still insane.

     Today Brianne’s at the barn, then we’re going to the gym and possibly to Guelph to look around for places to live in that crazy little town. I hope it gets less gloomy out.

Author: Ian

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