So I’m on my way to check the hours for the walk-in clinic. I decided to take a long route because I knew that it wasn’t going to be open. I was driving south on Trafalgar and then I smelled some gas. I like the smell of gas, but typically when I know where it’s coming from. So I’m driving along and then I see this GMC SUV in front of me and there’s a clear stream flowing from the rear end, opposite to the exhaust. I’ve seen exhausts drip before, but this was way wrong. So I gave it a little gas to get caught up with the SUV. I get there and the lady is smoking. Right then I thought to myself, she does not know that her car is leaking gas. So I honk my horn a few times and she doesn’t notice, so I speed up a bit and swerve in her direction to get her attention. That did it and I pulled back and pointed at the curb and mouthed “pull over”. She pulls over and I showed her the leak after I told her to put out her cigarette. Then I walked back to the car, she said “How did you know it was gas?” I told her I could smell it. Then she got back in her car and hopped on her cell phone. I drove off. I think I might have made her day. What if she had flicked her cigarette butt out her window? She could have ‘sploded.

10x Tim CardsTim Hortons Tim Card     Then I went to the doctor’s office, found out they weren’t open until 9am. I went up to the Tim Horton’s because I had to go and I discovered something amazing! Tim Hortons finally stepped into the 21st century. They just started their new Tim Card! Now you can just load up your card, swipe and run. It’s about time if you ask me. Unfortunately it’s only available at 25 participating Oakville Tim Horton’s locations, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this thing sweeps the nation at a lightning pace. I didn’t get to use it today because it was out of order. Hopefully that’s not a sign of things to come.

     So then I went to the doc. He told me that I have sports enduced assmar and assmar due to feline ferociousness. He gave me a perscription for an inhaler and then got me to make an allergy testing appointment for next week. So next week, I’ll know what else is inhibiting my lungial operations.

Author: Ian

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