Allergy Test ArmI went out this morning to get my allergy test done. Apparently I’m allergic to pretty much everything. Cats, cockroaches, birch trees, dandelions, and ragweed are the biggest ones. The animal ones had gone down a bit before I was able to take the picture. If you click on the picture, the sections are labelled. They shaved my arm and then poked a bunch of holes in it. That’s gonna be itchy once it starts to grow back. Anyway, they’ve prescribed immunotherapy. Basically it works like this; for sixteen weeks I get a shot every week, then for the next year one shot per month. Then we do it all again two more times. After three years they tell me that I could be completely immune to all of those things that I’m allergic to now. Except house work, apparently that unexplained allergy will never go away.
Since I had to take the time off, I scheduled Cricket’s annual deally today too. So she got a couple shots, blood taken, etc… She weighs 60.7lbs for all of those who are interested.
Stu’s computer is almost back to normal now too, saved all of his important stuff and am just waiting for partition stuff to complete and then I’m going to go to Tom’s place to use his internet to do a quick windows update on his machine.

Author: Ian

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