Our first house     And with that, we are getting a house! With what you ask? I’ll tell you. Brianne and I have been looking to get our very own home in Guelph. Everyone had been saying “get a mortgage pre-approval done so you know what you can afford”. It made sense to me, so I filled out all of the forms on ING Direct’s web site. They ask everything of you, make sure they’re allowed to check your credit record, and ta-da, they give you a magic number the next day telling you how much house you can afford. It was almost too easy. In fact, it was too easy. It wasn’t until we had shopped for a new house and put in an offer on said new house did we find out that our pre-approved mortage was a completely bogus piece of paper. We weren’t “locked in” at the rate that that piece of paper said, our credit was never checked at all, so really the amount of home and the rate were nothing like what we could afford. This week has been a nightmare of scrambling to jump through a new hoop every day, a very stressfull process if I do say so myself. With the help of my parents and a mortgage broker we got word today that our mortgage has been accepted and we are getting this house! Very wonderful news indeed. We get the place on Friday July 30th. As you can imagine, this has been a very tiring week and this weekend is going to be a wonderfull weekend of relaxation… and packing.

Author: Ian

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