Happy Birthday to Brianne today! It’s been a busy one. We went out for a celebratory lunch, then it was back to the office for me for a boring staff meeting. Then we came home and went to the barn.

     Brianne’s got a cough so neither one of us have been sleeping all that well, it makes for a tired us. Took the dog to the barn in lue of going to the gym this evening. We walked around aimlessly with Walker. I got pretty eaten by mosquitos. While we were walking a rabbit jumped out of it’s hole right in front of me, pretty cool. Fortunately for it, neither dog noticed.

     That reminds me, the other day we saw a pair of deer with their “baby”. I would guess about 3-4 months old, hopping after them across the street.

     Anyway, so I started to do my barn chores and I noticed my neck was aching. It feels really stiff, and aches when I try to lift something (such as hay bales or closing a door). I mentioned it to Janna at the barn and she was saying it’s like black flies or something, her son TJ keeps getting bit. It still aching now, going to sleep it off. Googled for some answers and I found that I’ve either got west nile virus or a tick. I think I’ve got a new motto for Google; “, a ‘s best friend.”

Author: Ian

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