GryphUniversity of Guelph     Brianne got in! This morning she checked her admission status on the web advisor and her status had changed from “Application on Hold” which was highly confusing, to “Admitted”. Good stuff. Getting in is a hell of a stressful ride, even one lady at work was happy to hear that Brianne was in so that she could stop stressin’. The best part is that all of our plans have come together quite nicely. We’re moving to Guelph and our house isn’t that far from the school (a single bus trip down Stone Rd. should do it) and the bus pass is included with tuition. Plus we’re really close to tons of stores and a few companies where she can apply for some work. I was talking to a guy at work today and he was saying that we’ve got connections at Guelph University and they actually employ people to do research and stuff, so there’s lots of options out there. So exciting!

Author: Ian

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