Some mysterious boxes appeared on our porch (no t for Brianne today) yesterday. I just wanted to thank whoever left them there for us. They’re nice and ginormous.

     Yesterday was a busy day. Brianne went to a horse show all day and in the morning I went to the office, and continued to recover my machine (I got a bigger hard disk so that I stop running out of room in Windows, and so that I can attempt running FreeBSD as a desktop operating system). So far I’m doing pretty good except I did a firmware upgrade on my DVD-RW and now it’s not being recognized in Windows. That’s a whole other ball of wax.

     Tom and I went to the driving range and then we decided that we were going to go play tennis. (Tenis is a funny word.) We drove to Canadian Tire to get some tennis balls, but because of the holiday, they were closed up. We are going to give it a good english try again today.

     In the afternoon I took Cricket out to the horse show. There’s a couple huge fields on the back of Old Orchard’s property that we jogged a couple laps around. Even then Cricket was still attempting to pull my arm off whenever there was someone to go see.

     When we got home, the landlord was here, he had emailed me during the day telling me that he wanted to show the place today. We were just coming back when the viewers were leaving and Steve didn’t do anything to stop them. He wasn’t fond of them and wasn’t going to waste everyone’s time.

     I hung out with Smyk (anglophoned into: Smike) for the evening, the young guy who moved into the apartment that we were originally going to move into. We played some football, built a fire and Brianne even joined us outside for a little fireworks.

     All in all, quite a good day, but my neck and upper arms are a bit pink today. I have decided that I need a tank top (or two) though. This farmers tan’s gotta go!

     On tap for today, go get some tennis balls, pick up my racket from the parental garage, perhaps I’ll get a $2 tank top and then it’s off to the friendly neighbourhood barber for a cut. Then there’s tennis and then who knows. I have to complete my indian costume for tomorrow’s cowboys and indians costume.

Author: Ian

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