I like FireFox. It’s awesome. No only is it way more secure than Internet Exploder, but it’s also sooo fast at loading everything. Want an awesome example? Download and install FireFox and click on the following link. Then do the same in MSIE. You’ll see that even this impossibly stupid page loads in nano seconds on FireFox versus hours in MSIE. Basically, what Mozilla has done, is make it so that the browser shows you tables while there is still data loading into them. Since frames are as gay as anything on the web, most sites out there use tables now to obtain the same kind of organizational aspects, since FireFox doesn’t need the whole table to be loaded to display it, it looks like it loads so much faster on those pages. True, there’s a whole lot more to FireFox’s speed than that, but that’s a nice little feature which makes it quick.

This page takes forever to load in MSIE

Author: Ian

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