What a weekend! We’re finally moved into our new house. It felt like it took forever for that weekend to get here and now it’s already gone. With the help of all of our parents, Tom and Vil, we’re all moved in and just have a teeny bit of unpacking to do. It’s been a weekend of recovery from moving. Everyone at the office keeps telling me that I took my vacation at the wrong time.

     Uhaul is the worst managed company that I’ve ever heard of. When I reserved the 17″ moving truck on June 29th, I did note that the pickup location was a preference only. When I still hadn’t received my phone call on Saturday morning telling me where and when I could pick up my truck, Brianne and I drove on down to the location that was supposed to have our truck (if all went as planned). When I got there the arrogant Oakville punk behind the counter told me that there were 5 people in line in front of me waiting for trucks. He gave me the international number for Uhaul reservations (which isn’t the number that should have been given to me) and told me to call them. Ryder saved the day!I called, they screwed up the transfer, so I had to call back where they just gave me the number for the Oakville reservation line. I called and it was still busy. I had attempted to call them back earlier that monring but it was busy then too. No sooner did I hang up, but the phone rang and it was Uhaul telling me to pick up my truck. Imagine my surprise when they told me that my truck would be available at 5pm in Fort Erie! For those who don’t know the area, Fort Erie is 120km from Oakville and that strech of highway that takes you there, is always bogged down on weekends. Seeing as how I had friends and family coming to help me move at 2pm, I told her that that was unacceptable. Brianne and I had a freak out about how horrible they were at running their business and our stress level jumped six notches. We drove around for about half an hour or so to a couple rental places, calling others while on the road. Finally, when we were on our way back home to give up (and start calling people telling them to bring their vans), we saw a Ryder truck in front of us, I sped up to get the number off of the truck. I called 1-800-BY-RYDER and was immediately connected with their Kipling office. They had one truck left, but they close at noon on Saturday and since it was already 11:45, there was no way I could have made it. The first time I called in, I punched in my cell phone number so they routed my call to Kipling, so the next time I called in, I punched in our old home number and they routed me to Burlington. They also had one truck left, the same kind of truck actually, a 24 foot standard transmission behomoth. Now I have to take a bunch of time to write them a letter. (And make sure that they didn’t try to bill my card the $50 cancellation fee.)

Author: Ian

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