Finally. Internet day. Actually, it’s kinda funny. Last night after we got home from the barn, I was connecting to my wireless access point in the basement and then BAM, I get my neighbour’s. It’s not encrypted, but the DHCP is limited to only a certain IP. So I loaded my laptop up in FreeBSD, did a tcpdump, set my wi0 interface to his ssid and set the wepmode to off. Sure enough, I watched some traffic go by, figured out the subnet, gave myself an IP and I was off to the races on their cable modem. I’ll have to drop by and help them lock it down. I’ll see if I can’t help them in a manner so that I continue to have access to it, that way if my DSL goes down, I’ll have a backup internet connection right net door.

     So yeah, internet day. My DSL connection is going to be made active today. Based on what’s been happening with this house though, I’m not so sure it’ll get connected on time today. We’ll see though, apparantly it’s fool proof. Anywho, I’m just going to check my email then hop in the shower.

Here’s a free tip for you: if you want to hack people’s access points, you better be pretty sure that they can’t see what you’re doing or get into your system. A really good way of doing that is using webmail programs over SSL, or if you’re like me and you’ve got SSL enabled on your mail servers, connect to them securely.

Author: Ian

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