Wow, our lawn was crap. Just finished mowing the thing. Last night I picked up a wheed whacker and a reel mower. I figured anything that just won’t go with the the mower will be blasted to death by the gas weed wacker, thus saving some money on the mower. The only problem with reel mowers is that they don’t cut grass that’s too long very well and since the people who lived here before had a reel mower as well, and weren’t all that active with the lawn mowing, there were lots of foot long dead grass patches that I had to go over and over and over and over until I got to the bottom of things. The lawn is actually looking much better dispite the fact that it looks a whole lot browner now because the roots were just keeping the tops alive. I picked up some CIL Golf Green fert yesterday so I’ll pull out my hose and water that after 2pm or so. Don’t want to burn the lawn, although, there isn’t much lawn to burn.

     Last night Tom came over, and we completed the networking required here. He supplied me with a Netopia router which allowed me to move my wireless router upstairs for maximum coverage of the property. Also he set up a VLAN to his office and left me with his NBX phone, so now I have an extension at his office. I’m still getting the talkbroadband thing from Primus because I can’t have everyone calling me at Tom’s office, but it’s still pretty cool.

     I think it’s about time to hit the showers now, then I’ve got a bunch of work to catch up on, that I’m thinking I’ll be doing from the comfort of the deck.

Author: Ian

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