So! Brianne’s last day at Esselte was Friday. Everyone is going to miss here there. While it can’t last forever, it’s really nice to have a receptionist that’s highly over qualified to do that job.

     Ailise‘s back in good old America Junior. She’s got a job at a boarding school in Netmarket. So, she’ll be one of them live-in techer types. She picked up a sweet Toshiba notebook yesterday. It’s got a sick wide screen. I still dislike the fact that they’ve moved their Windows Key to the top right corner of the keyboard. As someone who uses the windows key on a highly regular basis, I don’t approve.

     Yesterday I spent the day cursing the plumber who put this place together. The dishwasher was roughed in, so it was supposed to be an easy thing to just buy some hoses and slap it all together. After all, I had just done the tap which required cutting pipe and stuff, so this was supposed to be a piece of cake. Not so much. The hoses are all standardized at 3/8″ but the intake on the dishwasher is standard gardenhose size. No one sells an adapter to go between those two sizes, so I had to buy two adapters to get the hose onto the dishwasher, then the worst part of this whole thing, the tap that is attached to the hot water under the sink, is a toilet hose nosle, and there is nothing that converts from that size (whatever it is) to the 3/8″ hose. So, I got a new tap, but there isn’t enough room to cut the pipe that’s there and put the new one on. I’m going to see if I can’t find some kind of tap that pierces the pipe and I could put it somewhere else. Someone from work was saying something about that and that sounded pretty easy to me.

     The olympics is closing today. I didn’t really watch all that much of it, or any of it really. I just heard about how much Canada sucked. On CBC they even showed a big long montage of all of our disappointing performances. To me, I say who cares? It’s a whole lot of pressure for one person or a group of persons to take on and timing is everything. I think not enough people in Canada care about the olympics, because we’ve got better things to do with our time. The athletes might just be a product of the environment that we’re creating for them. Anyway, the closing ceremonies are on right now. I’m amused that the fact that the French announcements come after the Greek, but they are completely understandable. If this was hosted in Quebec, I’m pretty sure we’d have no clue what the hell anyone was saying.

     Seen any rain lately? Over the last three days, there’s been like two huge downpours, where I’ve barely been able to see out the windsheild. I wonder what’s up with the weather over the past couple of years. It seems to me that there’s been much more severty in the weather. Lots of winds taking out lots of trees, big rains filling entire lanes with water.

     Okay, here’s the big news; everyone has had an old relationship and they run into that person, whether it be at a reunion or just in the mall or something. It can happen at any time and you just have to hope that you look pretty presentable the day that it happens. Last night at Failte, where we went out to celebrate the everythingness of it all, was the ex-girlfriend. There was serious debate for a while about if it was really her or not. Now, ordinarily in three years, you might change a bit, like the people she was with that we only sorta knew before, but we could easily recognize. The ex, who in the past had blamed me for her putting on a couple of pounds, seems to have found someone to replace me in the shoving awful food down her throat position.

     They say when you go away to school you gain about 15 pounds in the first year. I think she might have been trying to break that record or something. She wasn’t the fittest girl ever, and since I’ve known her, she’s made a steady decline in the healthy weight mainteance department. I haven’t seen her in three and a half years, and she looks pretty horrible. She always refused to acknowledge her size in the clothes that she buys, and yesterday’s apperance was no exception. I figured I needed to show everyone how bad the situation has gotten, so I got a picture…

Call Jared and Richard Simmons!

     So you can see, that while hard on the eyes, this shows you just how unhealthy things have gotten. It just goes to show you that bad things do happen to bitchy people.

Author: Ian

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