T Compression ValveCoupling     That’s it! It’s done! The dishwasher is in place and the only leak was at a coupling that wasn’t tight enough. In the end I had to cut out the offending toilet valve and put in a nice new T valve. One of those compression deallies. Those things are great because there’s not soldering involved and all you need is raw power to tighten them up.

     I only had one leak in the coupling to the right. It was like I never tightened it at all the way that thing was spraying. I figure I losened one side when I tightened the other. It’s in a really tiny cupboard, so it was hard to do. To do it correctly there was lots of yelling an throwing tupperwear.

     Speaking of anger… have you heard about that How to Skin a Cat movie? I only heard something about it breifly on the radio. Apparently it’s gone to great lengths to explain in the film, to explain that this is a bad thing that they aren’t condoning, but of course PETA’s got a corndog up their keester yet again, trying to get it blocked from the film festival. Adopt a pet and then consider your work done.

Author: Ian

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