Child porn is stupid. I’ve got some serious issues with those politicians who have made it their new kick to limit it online. It’s going on on both sides of the border. Here’s my problem with it all. Firstly; if that’s you’re thing, that’s pretty gross, but you’re not killing people or anything, you’re just looking at pictures, so don’t share it with anyone and I don’t see the problem. If it’s not your thing (as is the standard with most people), don’t look at it. Out of sight, out of mind.

     Now, for those who are arresting people for going to child porn sites and prosecuting them, that’s pretty stupid. Think about what you’re doing for once second. First of all, the pictures which this person downloaded off the net, weren’t made by them. They had nothing to do with the production at all, so why are they being arrested for downloading them. True, they’ve got some warped perception of “sexy” but that’s their problem. Why are you targeting the people who are getting the CP? Or even those that are hosting it? If you think it’s that much of a problem, your sights should be 100% set on the even sicker induviduals who made the porn in the first place.

     This is my scenario for you, came up with it on the way to Tim Hortons a year ago when I heard about all this the first time. Arresting someone who downloaded child porn is like; if I went and stole a donut, then I ate it an crapped it out and then gave away pieces of my crapped out donut and then you went and arrested those people for donut theft. It’s absurdity.

Author: Ian

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