I’ve gotten like 20 pieces of SPAM today. That’s getting rare. I’m guessing they aren’t advertising their web sites anymore. My internet connection also seems to be flapping. Not impressive. Stupid Bell, you go squish now!

The ContendorsBlushing Bride     It was a more than busy weekend, but it felt nice and long. Brianne’s working on Fridays at LO for at least the next little while, which is good because it’ll help offset some costs. Friday night we hit the Guelph scene with Tom. It was a quiet night compared to the couple of times that Tom and I had been out before, but a good time was had by all. On Saturday, we went out to Courtice to a corn roast. Brianne’s Mom’s friends and her are so close that they have this family reunion with all of their families. It’s a good time and it’s on a farm, so we could bring the bug. There were games for kids and fireworks to finish off the night. Great weather all weekend, but it was pretty chilly.

     Sunday we went to Gen and Eric’s wedding. It was held at the Old Mill and there was a nice cocktail reception afterwards. I felt very proud to be there. It’s the first time I’ve been invited to a wedding as a friend instead of as a family. I was actually in on a lot of the inside jokes in the speeches!

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