Lesson for the day: don’t jump to conclusions. I just checked the mail and was happy to see that I finally got a cheque from the health insurance company. I paid for the shots way back in July so it’s been long enough back and for with a lack of a valid DIN and foolishness. So I open it up and it says void void void all over it and it said that the one part (the only part) was excluded. Very angerfying, especially considering that I could really use the money. So I read the fine print and it says that a paper submission will take longer to be reviewed and that they will be processing as soon as possible. Instead of writing me a form letter like in the past, this time they’ve felt it necessary to waste a cheque number and tell me that it’s going to take a while to get to me. How quaint.

     Thanksgiving was a great weekend. Friday we had dinner at my parent’s place. Home made lazange, so delish. Then Saturday Ailise had us over to her fake parent’s house in Milton for green curry chicken. Also delish. Then Sunday Brianne’s aunt Tina cooked up the usual storm and we ate a nice Turkey dinner. Again, delish! Last night Tony took us out for dinner at Longhorn Texas Steak House. Once again delish. That was for his daughter, Rebecca’s birthday, but we were there so we got invited to come along. Maxine couldn’t pass up the chance to embarass Becky, so the first chance she got she alerted the authorities that it was her birthday. She was forced to stand up on the chair and have a stock, Texan birthday song sung for her.

     Today it was back to the daily 6:30-4:30. Busy busy as usual. I launched my terabyte.5 server and started by making this site available via it’s drives through NFS. If it works well, I’m going to put everything on there including databases (via mysql, not nfs) and mail. I’m going to have to find out how to get the ndis wrapper working so that I can use my gigabit cards, with all that traffic to one machine, I’ll need to go as fast as possible.

Author: Ian

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