Rockstar Games has put out yet another Grand Theft Auto game. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has gotten some stupendous reviews too. Since I’m in no position to buy at this time, I think I might go and rent it. Maybe Sunday, it’s probably a one day rental and I’ll have to play it all day long. I like the GTA games. This one’s set in the 90s (Vice City was in the 80s) and they say it’s pretty wicked, got some RPG action to it and a whole lot more than any one person would ever notice. Talk about reviews selling your product for you.

     Lotsa working yesterday. I put in an 18 hour day. I haven’t done that in a whole long time. I don’t want that to happen all that often.

     Talked to Tom yesterday, he’s looking for a backup connection to his network, so we’re looking at being able to hook up LO to his network wirelessly and then we’ll have a backup and so will he. I got word from the provider that there are changes that need to be made to run BGP and so he CCed my rep. That spells “there are months of stupid arguing between 4 people that are all too busy to get anything done.” ahead. Quite unfortunate really. Either way though, it will happen. I also got word from Al, our drywall guy that putting the new server room where we want it, isn’t going to be easy. We wanted walls that just went straight up to the ceiling so that we wouldn’t have to re-route the sprinklers (which costs about $2,000), but because there’s so many pipes to go around, it’s not really doable, according to him. I’m sure this is doable, technically we could just have a window where the pipes are an then fill it with insulating foam or something. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to keep the room more or less sealed. Even that spray foam stuff would work.

     I need food.

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