I’ve been doing a fair amount of thinking about this whole election thing in the states, and the best idea that I’ve heard came from Brianne. While the race in the States was so close, the opinions of the rest of the world should have at least some weight in their process. Canada for instance is decidedly comprised mostly of Kerry supporters according to a Rogers media survey. Now, I know that that idea doesn’t work with the whole democracy concept, but if our economy is going to be so dependant on theirs, we should have a say in who’s going to ruin it. Bush’s money grubbing, pseudo-caring standpoints are good for no one except fat cats. It really wouldn’t shock me to see an increase in terrorist activity, simply because Bush is in power again. Aside from impeachment, at least we can be thankful that he can’t be re-elected again… although it wouldn’t shock me to see him change that rule.

Author: Ian

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