There’s a new breed of computers out there. Remember when you bought your computer and said; “This is going to be great, I’m only going to have to buy a new X to upgrade it.” Well, if you want to stay with the latest and greatest systems, the time has come where if you want to stay with the next generation, you’re going to have to do a full overhaul. I typically only follow the Intel line of products. If someone wants an AMD product; fine, I’ll get it for them, but I don’t claim to know much about it. The new breed of Pentium Processors use what’s called a LGA775 socket. I like Asus motherboards and they’ve called their LGA775 socket boards the P5 series. So, this is all good right, just need a new CPU and a new motherboard. Nope.

     The new motherboards use the new kind of video cards. The PCI express video cards are faster and better and whatever. Also, the new motherboards use 24 pin power supplies, instead of those pesky 20 pin P4 power supplies we’ve just gotten used to.

     So, now while you’re upgrading, you can keep your hard drive, but now everything’s moving to the new serial ATA drives instead of the parallel IDE drives.

     By now, you’ve already come up with a bunch of new stuff, so you might as well go the next mile. Buy a new keyboard, mouse and monitor and you’ve got a whole second computer. I suppose the only good part about the new system financially is that because of the dollar being where it is, it’ll only cost about $1500 CDN + software.

Author: Ian

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