I was on TV tonight. Did you see it? A whole lotta the back of my head in the Monday Report studio audience. Rick Mercer’s a whole lot shorter in person, and according to this episode, he’s got a big head too. I would hate to be scrutinized by the public like that, but it’s all what people notice right. I think I would probably look like a pretty big guy on TV. Take Denis from One Garden Two Looks, he looks a lot taller on TV. Although, he’ll probably look even taller now that he’s losing weight.

     This weekend Tom rented a bass guitar and we formed a band. We’ve called ourselves (tentatively) The Go F*ck Yourselfs. I think it’s a pretty good name personally. Odds are we’ll have to change it sooner than later, plus we have to learn more than one song. So far we’ve only tackled Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day and we can’t play it in sync. I also think we’re going to need Brianne to get some drums so that she can be the drummer. I just learned a big chunk of Blitzkreig Bop. Very happy.

Author: Ian

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