It’s not every day that you learn how you rank in someone else’s opinions. This morning however, I got to find out. I heard some rustling in the living room, so I crept over to find Sneakers herassing the Christmas tree. She does this every year and the tree goes from looking awesome to just looking sad. In an effort to discourage her, I caught her and pushed her to the ground, not hurting her, but I know it bothers her when I stop her from running away. So she got growly at me, and I was like, okay, you’ve learned your lesson, and I let her go. Just then Frikin flies in from behind me and attacks her. I found this quite humourous because the last time that I interferred with the cats, Goober was snarfing down kibbles at a rate which was far too quick, so I picked her up and while I was walking her accross the room, she growled at me and Firkin attacked my leg, claws and all. So apparently on Firkin’s scale, I’m somewhere between Sneakers and Goober.

Author: Ian

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