Last night Brianne went to the barn with Caitlyn so I took the opportunity to wire up the last of the missing lights in the attic. This time I had things down to a fine science and there was no up and and down, it was;

  1. Gather everything
  2. Cut power
  3. Go in attic
  4. Locate wire and middle of spare, (aka: Tom’s) room
  5. Cut wire, add junction box, wire up junction box.
  6. Cut hole for light’s box;
    • Drop power saw blade through hole.
    • Finish cutting with hand drywall saw.
  7. Insert box, put wire in it to wire from below.
  8. Cover both boxes with plastic and duct tape
  9. Put back moved insulation.
  10. Finally close up attic; hopefully we won’t have to come back for a long time
  11. Wire up light like the other two rooms.
  12. Open up socket to find out that this room is the only room wired up “normally”.
  13. Wire up light again.
  14. Turn on power.
  15. Let there be light.

     It’s been on my list of things to do for a while, but it had to be done soon, once the light was wired up, I could put back the shelves in the closet which I had been using as planks to get around up there. Once the shelves were back, we can finally put some stuff that we don’t need in the closet and unpack some more. There are things that are just going to stay where they are and there are others that need a serious unpacking. Ideally I want to finish all those loose unpacking ends this weekend so that I can concentrate on cleaning the place without having to rush about it over the next week point five. Then by the 18th, all will have come together without too much work… in an ideal world, that will work.

     Also on the homeland, I got the windows covered with that plastic stuff to keep the winter outside. Seems to have worked, even just a little. I also got new stripping for the front door. Either the door or the frame is crooked because at the bottom you only need like one strip, but at the top you need almost three. Hopefully we’ll win the lotto and we can get a new front door and windows upstairs. Perhaps a blind and a ceiling fan too.

Author: Ian

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