It was only a matter of time really. The world has changed vowels. It is no longer eWhatever it’s now iWhatever. Would you buy an ePod or use Apple eTunes or attend an eSeminar? No! They sound nerdly. But if I make them all “i”s you’re in. You’ll hopelessly get an iPod, shop for music with iTunes and attend iSeminars. I think it’s about time that i was more popular.

     I read on /. this morning that the solar storms in October did more dammage to the ozone layer than us hummans (hum mans) could have ever done. Maybe that layer was born to be bustificated whether peoples did it or not. Do you believe in fate?

     Got me a free BlackBerry! Walked on in to my local Bell World and told them that I wanted to activate a data plan (which you have to have to use a BlackBerry without it costing you three arms and four legs) and they gave me a free 6750 and a $50 gift card. Which applies itself nicely to the price of a car charger. The only down side is that you have to commit to three years. Commitment’s not that scary.

Author: Ian

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