Finnegan     So the lesson is, a star studded cast can not make your movie better if there’s no story. We saw Robots last night after a scrumtious Easter dinner at my parent’s place. The movie sucked, but the food was great. Plus, we finally got to meet the infamous Finnegan. He’s very chewy. He’s more interested in doing his own thing than in paying attention. We totally lucked out with Cricket, since day one she wanted to please by learning whatever we could teach her. Finnegan’s going to be much more of a challenge.

     Today we’re heading back for another round. Brianne and my Mom are going to the All About Pets Show today and I’m thinking I’m going to build a DVD rack for my ever-growing collection. Not sure if Dad‘s tools are all out in the open or not, but it would be nice to do some rip cuts with a table saw instead of a hand-held radial.

     I also have to go shopping for tomorrow’s Easter dinner at Brianne’s parent’s place. Brianne’s cookin’ up some grub. Lamb from Florence Meats in Oakville is do die for!

Author: Ian

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