My phone! She died! Stupid phone. My Sipura SPA-841 on my desk at the office is being broken. During a conference call it just dropped my calls, then played congestion when I tried to dail back. I was hoping it wasn’t Asterisk (because I’m trying to make a sale on this PBX here!) and sure enough Asterisk was just fine. The phone just sits at the “Initializing Network” screen, which you don’t ordinarily see. It’s still responsive though, so I went through and reset to factory defaults (some guy online said to do that when I Googled the problem) still nothing happened, so I tried inputting the IP manually and still nothing. The mute LED is lit up amber, and now there’s a little cursive i and an unlocked lock icon on the screen. I guess I’ll try giving it a new IP now and failing that, I guess it’s RMA time. I can’t wait until I can buy a few Cisco 79XX phones to replace these cheapies.

Author: Ian

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