So I went to the doc today, monthly allergy shot and all that. So last time I went, my throat got all tight and it was a little tough to swallow, so I told him that because I don’t want my dosage increased if it’s going to make my throat swell up even more. I need my throat. So now I’ve gone back to a lower dosage and I’m back to weekly again. I think this is all for nothing. My body rejects these allergens in any form they come whether it’s in the air or in a shot.

     I just heard that there’s supposed to be 15 cm of snow tomorrow. I don’t believe it, I think it’s an April fool’s joke. All my snow just melted, this can’t be. Plus it’s supposed to be like 18 degrees on Wednesday. No dice.

     I went through a full day of trial and error trying to get my Cisco 827 ADSL router working yesterday. I had everything up to stuff, but for some reason FreeBSD’s pppoe implementation made things lag and I was dropping lots of IP calls (on all my IP phones). So I figured the next logical step is to get something else to do the PPPoE for me so that I can just connect to the internet like I used to, but without the Dlink router running the show. So at about midnight, I got it all working correctly. The configuration needed to have Ethernet0 with ip tcp adjust-mss 1412 and Dialer1 with mtu 1452 for that really frickin’ annoying MTU issue to be solved by the router. It even required a firmware upgrade. On the plus side, I now know a whole lot more abou Cisco stuffs.

     So after all of that, I’m setting up asterisk at home, mostly because I’m sick of not seeing telemarketer’s numbers and stuff, so I got it all running with the anticipation of coming to the office and setting the Dlink box from Primus up here connected to the other SPA-3000 analog adapter I have and it’s toast too! I think something funny happened during that conference call that wiped the phone too. I wish there was some way I could just re-flash the both of these devices, I’m sure that’s all they need, would save a lot in shipping. So now after all that work yesterday, the new configuration isn’t going to happen for a while yet. Very disappointing. I’m looking forward to switching to this new VoIP provider so that I don’t need this Dlink thing to make things work anymore. And now it’s back to Norstar analog phone at the office. I think I’m going to see about ordering a Cisco, after all, that is what I want to upgrade the office to, so I better test it.

Author: Ian

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