Everyone’s favourite maps, Google Maps has added Satelite imagery. Some areas have closer zoom than others. For instance, I can see Tom’s house, Brianne’s parents’ and mine parents’ place just fine, but our house isn’t available all zoomey. This gives an excellent way to search for places when you’re given directions, also it’s nice to find houses with pools. As for dating the satelite imagery. I think I’d place it last fall or so. My parents’ have their new roof, but the new BMO by Erin Mills Town Centre hasn’t broken ground yet.

Other sights to see… (Firefox tip: click the middle mouse button on these links to open them in a new tab.)

CN Tower – not as impressive this way, is it?

Clarkson Secondary School – the high school my brother and I were subjected to

Our First Apartment

The Farm

Gillonna Farms

Square One

My Grandparent’s House

A Cloud

The Phallic Office that I work at

The West Edmonton Mall

The World Trade Center

Crop Circles

Le Skratch

Disney World

The Toronto Auto Auction

Author: Ian

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