It works! Not perfectly, but it works! I have my Primus TalkBroadband Dlink DVG-1120M plugged into my Sipura SPA-3000 which connects to asterisk to connect to my other SPA-3000 which connects to all the phones in the house and the Guelph phone line. End result: All calls coming in get answered by asterisk and pointed at the phones, if no one answers, the creative menu is played back, leading to voicemail and when messages are left, they’re emailed to whomever they’re left for (as well as pickupable via asterisk). Caller ID works on both lines (something that the DVG-1120 should do if it were to be a perfect unit) and when dialling a number, asterisk decides which line is best for the call to go out of. (Dial 519+ number or just the 7 digit number, it goes out the guelph line, as well as 1+ 10 digit number, dial 416/647/905/289 and it goes out the primus line) Least cost routing is wonderful. I’ve ordered a TDM04B so that my asterisk box can have 2 LO ATA2s, 1 Tweaked Line and 1 spare LO fax line attached to it and that will all be connected to my home phone system too! This stuff is really cool. I also ordered a third SPA-841 because my other one is going to take a whole lot of time to get back here after being repaired at Sipura.

     Oh yeah, the reason it doesn’t work perfectly is that before the call is put into asterisk from the DVG, it has to actually be answered. For best results, it should actually be unanswered. I don’t really care that much though because it’s going straight to ringing phones first.

Author: Ian

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