It would seem that the plastic on the windows really did it’s work this winter. The gas bill only once was higher than the proposed equal billing price, which says to me that they had a crappy theromostat, which I replaced as soon as we moved in, but also that they didn’t do anything about the temperature in the winter. With yesterday’s record breaking temperatures, it must have stayed about 25 degrees upstairs all night. I guess it’s time to get it off of there. I’ll have to call a windows expert (not the Bill Gates kind) this summer, I bet I just have to caulk these windows properly yo make it good.

     Our neighour across the street is getting her driveway paved, so she asked if the guys could come quote on our place too, so I said no problem. The price isn’t all that steep either, so I just have to check that the fact that the driveway is on an easement isn’t a problem. I’m pretty sure it’s not, at least acording to this guy who fights those kinds of battles for people against the city.

     Erin’s gone home for the summer. She lives in Cornwall and when we go up there for the capital classic this summer, we’re going to stay with her, plus she’s coming back for Brianne’s birthday. We’ll hardly have time to miss her.

Author: Ian

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