It’s Brianne’s birthday today! She turned 23! Huzzah!

     Since I’ve been using my Blackberry, I haven’t been using my IMAP mail anymore, but I kept the messages going there too because that way I have a way to check my mail if something’s wrong with the blackberry network or Tom’s network or whatever. In the last few months I had acumulated something like 3000 new incoming messages. I’ve been getting an increasing amount of spam lately and in an effort to clean it up, I went through and put all my spam into a folder so that I can have a cron job sa-learn it in hopes of getting less spam. With my filters enabled (amavisd-new [includes clamav, vscan, spamassassin] and rbl tests [spamcop and spamhaus]) one third of those messages were junkable (not necessarily spam, but junk regardless). I hope that in a few months I’ll get less than 2 bogus messages per day, that would be nice.

     Tomorrow I’m in a dragon-boat race at Kelso. Check it

Author: Ian

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