X! I got a new hard drive last week because mine died. It’s 80GB, so I’ve made 15 available for a FreeBSD 5.4 installation. So far so good. I got fluxbox running, mices are cooperating and I copied all the fonts from Windows into my font dir, so even surfing with Firefox is looking pretty normal. Odds are that I’ll have to go back to not having X running once again, because that’s the way it works. I get X all set up, then get lost in the convenience of running Windows. This time I want to try to get wine running so that this experiment might last a little longer. If I could get Programmer’s File Editor to run that would be really cool. I doubt I’d be able to get Outlook running, but I’ll give it a shot.

     On the weekend I participated in a dragon boat race. It was pretty cool. You get 20 people into a boat and paddle your arms off for what seems like 20 seconds and then you’re done. It’s all about the rhythm… unfortunately our team didn’t have too much rhythm, but we were there for fun, not for the competition. A good time was had by all.

     Last night we went to Brianne’s parents’ place for dinner to celebrate birth. As always there was great food, a giant roast pork on the bbq with all kinds of other fixin’s. Unforunately a sparkler accident ended with the cheesecake falling top down in the outdoor fireplace. Brianne’s Mom was embarassed, but these things happen. I blame the slick Corel plates, I’m forever dropping cutlery around our house because of it.

Author: Ian

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