I want it now! So I ordered these phones last week, I wanted them then. They’re really cool WiFi phones that will connect to my voice over IP system and let me use that wherever there’s an access point in range. I want them specifically before Wasaga beach in two weeks(!!) but I want them before then so that I and Tom (hence the two) get a chance to play with them before hand so we know what we’re working with. So I made my order last week and wouldn’t you know it, they send my order to some dude in the Caribbean and they sent me his. But they sent mine to my office street address in my home address’ city. So they got my address wrong and they shipped me the wrong thing. So far, not so good. Someone remind me that if I wanted to sell anything from this company that I’ll have to carry an inventory and only sell what I have in stock. Anyway, so the latest word is that the guy in the Caribbean refused my order (because it wasn’t his) and that it’s on it’s way back to them and until it gets there they can’t do anything. They can’t send me a new pair unless I create a new order and then have them both on my credit card until the other gets back from it’s vacation. So I’m putting in my new order now and hoping that they don’t screw this one up… pencils have erasers but they’re only little.

Author: Ian

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