Finally, some rain. It’s been raining pretty hard here for almost 45 minutes now with a nice thunder and lightning show too. I’m glad for my UPS here because the power’s been flicking on and off the whole time. Laptop batteries are good help too. Actually as I wrote that there was a bolt of lightning right outside the front window. We figure it probably hit the man hole cover in the sidewalk.

     One thing that I’ve never gotten over since I switched back to windows from my brief stint in X is the highlight to clipboard. I like that. It also helps that the terminal program I use, TeraTerm does the middle mouse button paste thing. So yesterday, I downloaded a Firefox extension by the name of AutoCopy which copies just the same way. Apparently, it doesn’t work in textboxes though.

     I think that storm took out my switch. I left it unplugged and I hope it works again once I get home. It’s odd though, some ports work fine, others don’t. When I found it all but 6 ports were lit up, so maybe it took out half of it.

Author: Ian

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