Things are all over the news today. London bombings again. Now that’s bad and all and thankfully (at last I heard anyway) no one was hurt. All of the TV stations put this ridiculous spin on it though, it’s nuts. Is Canada next?! Are you people nuts? What in hell do any of these terrorist groups want with Canada? We let in pretty much everyone, when everyone else in the world said “Hey, let’s go fight all over Afghanistan!”, Canada stayed put (thanks to monsieur Jean). We’re a world power, but nowhere near the oppressive power of the USA is and nowhere near the monarchy of Brittan. If you ask me, Canada isn’t going to be a target for anything. I’m not going to live in fear because some other country was bombed. But that could also be because I’m kinda like desensitized to things that happen elsewhere because it wasn’t here and if you worried about everything that happened everywhere you’d go insane.

     Another thing that was on at the gym was BET. The first time I went to that gym, I thought of that whole controversy. Like if I went out and started WET, I’d get flogged with rusty skeletons. But this time, I happened to glance up at the Gillette commercial. You know the one where the chick’s in bed and then there’s these crazy green lines flying at her from the bathroom and she’s all like; “David?” or whatever his name is. Then they show him enjoying his vibrating shave in because of Gillette’s patented vibrating razor thing. Well, this time it was a black chick and a black guy. What the hell is that all about? Now, I can understand filming the same commercial in different languages because I don’t speak Swahili and I don’t want to see commercials in other languages. But I don’t understand filming a commercial with people of a different race doing the exact same thing because you’re showing it on a black people station. Black people know what white people are and for the most part, they aren’t afraid of them. Are you telling me that on CHIN TV they have an Asian couple doing the same thing? Or on RAI, they have some Italians?

     Speaking of which, I learned something new today about Italian TV. Apparently there, they don’t interrupt your television viewing with commercials, they show them between shows and they have to make them very interesting so people don’t change the channel. They have topics, tell a small story and actually have to try to keep your attention instead of just throwing up the same words, phrases and jingles over and over and over and over and over again. Screw Flanders. I wish they would do that on north American TV. Can you imagine actually being interested in some show for Gillette where they talk about vibrating razers that are supposed to vibrate your hair into falling off.

Author: Ian

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