Google Talk beta has been released! It’s the latest instant messenger application to hit the street. What makes it different? It’s the Google approach to an instant messenger. First of all, it uses the jabber protocol, so if you’re using GAIM or iChat, you can just connect to the server and go nuts. Then they’ve got their voice stuff, so you can pick up a headset and talk to your contacts. Nothing new right? Wrong, they’re adding SIP signalling very soon, so that means that from any old telephone, you could actually dial into someone’s (like mine) VoIP service and then connect out to a contact via Google Talk. Google’s standards adherance policies are fantastic. Anyway, you need a Gmail account to get it set up, if you don’t have one yet (what’s wrong with you?) I have more than enough invitations to invite anyone under the sun. (As long as there’s less than 50 people under the sun.)

Author: Ian

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