Roomba Red     I finally got through to the people at iRobot today. Their hold times are fairly long. Apparently our Roomba is in need of an upgrade. I cleaned it all out and it’s still stopping and starting. I read about it online so I was pretty sure that was the problem, but they’ve confirmed it and are sending me “upgrade sticks”. I read about them too. They’re these blue sticks that you put into the Roomba’s PS2 port and then it upgrades the firmware. Pretty cool stuff. Next trick, is make it take instructions from the PS2 port and then put a modified WRT54GS on top of it that runs on a battery and one of it’s ethernet jacks feeds into the PS2 port. Another one of them could be a 4XEM video camera so you could drive Roomba around via the wifi instructions and see where it’s going. I suppose it would need more all-terrain features though if you want to do more than just walk around one floor of your house.

Author: Ian

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