I keep wanting to write something here, but I don’t ever have the time to do it or the subject that just comes together. It’s irriating. I wanna go back to the good old days of having “too much time on my hands”. I don’t know that I ever really did have too much time on my hands though. It was like; putting stuff on my site was more fun before everyone had a web site of their own “blogging” about whatever the f..hell they wanted.

     So, what’s new in a nut shell?

  1. Lightning struck some power lines or something near hear last Wednesday because we lost our voip ATA which is wired to all the phones in the house, fortunately for us we have all these other ip phones here so it’s not like we lost our phone connection to the world. The switch port which was connected to that ATA is toast now too, I’m wondering if the phone lines were carrying the burst of current too. The TV has a large smudge on it, but it’s getting better with time. I had to replace the network card, sound card and speakers on Brianne’s computer.

  2. Things at the office are going well, we got 5 more Cisco 7940s and we’ve concluded that we will, at the very least move to the new phones. Whether or not we use my voip service is a different story, but at least we’re stepping into the year 2000.

  3. 2OUTBACKSunday we went out to celebrate my brother‘s 21th birthday. We went 2OUTBACK… err, to Outback Steakhouse. We had an onion blossom and reminissed about the time that Spike and Andrew were riding on the motor bike in the final season of Buffy. Oh yeah, we also celebrated the fact that Stu is now internationally legal. Though he wasn’t then, but probably will be by the time you read this.

  4. Today I had a good one that should be documented… I believe someone hacked into this customer’s Norstar System and changed the voicemail admin password and then disabled the voicemail (Feature 983, 12, option 7) and so when a call was forwarded to the voicemail because the user didn’t answer, the call got bounced back to the auto-attendant. Quite the brain bender. Couldn’t have done it with out this manual to reset the password and the help of Steve, Tom’s installer who has his PhD in Norstar (and the installer’s guide).

  5. Tonight, the satellite’s acting up because of the weather. It’s kinda crappy because we were midway through the Gillmore Girls episode. That has to be the worst part of the satellite, weather is a problem. Though, I have watched digital cable before and seen just as many random blips and stuff, so it’s not perfect either.

     Okay, back to work.

Author: Ian

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