I’m getting a ridiculously high amount of spam. I hate spam more than anything online. Except maybe those moldy asshats who feel it’s necessary to interrupt your honest forums or IRC conversations. The spamming community has grasped the fact that most spamming software ignores legitmate mail, so they’ve started including forward headers in their email so that it looks legit. So now I’m going to have to waste my day getting prevention set up against this crap. It almost makes me want to go back to using TMDA to manage my inbox. It has it’s own problems too though, like valid registration responses. You’re always having to comb your spam to regardless to see what you’re missing, because sometimes it’s good stuff. I vote that we go for something new. Something better. Something that works. Like maybe adopting SPF records or something, but even then, I think that’s more for preventing people from sending mail as you. Maybe we should just put rifles in the hands of those who are most annoyed by spam and send them to spammer’s residences. Vigilante justice always seems so much more efficient.

Author: Ian

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