Harvey Danger     I just stumbled accross something really cool. You know how downloading music is the devil? Well Harvey Danger (of Flagpole Sitta fame) has taken a new approach with their new album Little by Little. The entire album is available free as a torrent in MP3 or OGG format and a direct download from their site. Their complete explanation is available here. It’s totally respectable to see artists doing whatever they can to get their media out there for everyone to enjoy, because if you ask me, that’s what it should be about. The average artist makes little to nothing of disc sales anyway, it’s all about the tours and the merch. If you want to make money as a band, it takes a lot of work on the road to get the fan base up and keep them happy. The records make the labels happy and make them money, but the tours immediately benefit the band. Anywho, download Little by Little and if you like it, go see the band when they come to town and buy a t-shirt.

Author: Ian

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