I agree. I’m just watching tonight’s Mercer Report and Rick’s going on about the election and how the GST is going to be reduced by Stephen Harper to 5%. But he’s going on about how it’s not going to happen until 2011! I love the fact that he’s using future promises to voters now. That doesn’t even have an effect until the next election. That’s like me signing up for a mortgage for the next 4 years on the basis that in 5 more years, based on nothing I have control over, it’ll come down 2%. Screw that. And what was with the whole, “I’m a big bed-wetter so I can’t be in parlament” thing at the beginning of this term. If you’re going to be a party leader, and you get voted in, take your minority government and count your blessings, because it’s a good thing they didn’t compare your weight to a duck and burn you, witchly.

Author: Ian

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