I was just thinking. I don’t think I could possibly imagine my life if I couldn’t type without looking at the keyboard. I use a computer everyday. Everyday for like 9 or 10 years now. I watch people at the office, single fingering and over the years they’ve gotten quite quick at typing, but watching the keyboard always puts a damper on speed. There’s this one woman at the office and she’s the master of typing. She learned back in the type-writer days and not one person I know, including myself, can compete with her. I think it’s a skill that everyone in this day and age should posess. Though, I must say grade 9 business, where we learned how to type properly didn’t do it for me. I was the constant IRC arguements or troubleshooting at the eleventh hour that did it for me. If you can’t get your message out quick enough or hammer out that last bit of code fast enough, you’re sunk.

     Another thing is that it’s made me able to… I completely lost that thought. I have no clue where that was going. I do know it warranted a new paragraph though. Huh. Anyway, yeah, learn how to type, and more importantly, learn grammar and netiquette rules. There are some horrible abusers of both of those that I have to endure constantly and it’s very frustrating for you’re mind to read when your accurate with there email. <– see!

Author: Ian

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